Tuscan Potato Salad

A basic potato salad is easy to twist in any direction by just adding flavouring elements like pesto!

  • Boil potatoes with skins on.  (I used 6 large because I had 6 large)
  • Peel potatoes while still warm and drizzle with an oil & vinegar dressing if you have one around.  Mine was Kraft Tuscan, so I went for a Tuscan theme.
  • Following the Tuscan theme, I added maybe 3 T. of Classico Pesto because that cleared out a jar I had in my fridge.
  • I added some grated Parmesan.  Cheedse is always nice.
  • I like a bit of zing.  Usually I add a few tablespoons of dry mustard.  On this day, though, I had a few T. of Sambal Oelek (a hot sauce) so I decided to use that.  For colour, dry mustard is probably better.
  • Roughly chop the potatoes and allow to cool for awhile.
  • I added some mayonnaise because it seemed a little dry.  You don't want sloppy though.  
  • Mix thoroughly (time for a taste adjustment if required. Salt?) and refrigerate.  

You can certainly not go Tuscan.  That was just my mood of the day and what was in my fridge.  

Sometimes chopped onion and chopped celery make a nice addition.