Community Foodies Sharing!

Cooking Demonstrations to raise money for the food bank.

I will arrange to have groups of four or five come to my home to watch a demonstration, have lunch and leave me with $20.  I would deduct the cost of the food and donate the rest to the local food bank.  We call our food bank "Food Share" now, which I like better actually.  I'm all about sharing.

I am a not a chef or, in fact, trained in cooking at all.  I just a home cook who likes to cook and to eat!  

Several people over the years have asked if I would demonstrate some of the techniques of traditional home cooking that I have perfected to my own liking.  

I have made a few videos and have done some Facebook Live demonstrations which have helped folks out.  But still, they say, it's not quite like being there.  

That's when I hatched the idea of making myself available to demonstrate some listed or (other) requested staple skills.

I have several friends who share my enthusiasm for food and who have volunteered to help out or demonstrate their own special skills.  The first to volunteer was my Facebook Live companion, Lori Turnbull, one of the owners of our local Canadian Tire.  

When she's available, I'm sure everyone will love her energy, wit and cooking skills!

     Saturday's now added as available!

Some days we'll livestream thee demonstrations if all in attendance are comfortable with that!

I'm hoping other area foodies will join in and offer demos of their own!  

Take up the challenge!

Sign up for a cooking demonstration!

  • Mastering the Instant Pot
  • Make your own dog food in the Instant Pot
  • Make your own pizza at home
  • Roll your own pasta
  • Ravioli making
  • Peroghi making - variation on the ricotta demo
  • Gnocchi
  • Getting to know Sous Vide - with Sam Laurin
  • Perfect pastry
  • Make the stunning Pavlovas
  • Easy home baked yeast breads
  • Wellingtons - salmon? beef?

Justification for the minimum price requirement?

It's too much trouble for me to scout around trying to find people to fill out your group.

There's only so much I'm willing to spend time on for just a few bucks and a tax receipt!

It is a fund-raiser for charity.  

Please note that if wine. is served, that's on me.  The cost of wine or other optional beverages is not deducted from the amount donated to the Food Bank.  


A group of five?  $100 ($20 per person)

Only three of you? $80

Only two of you? $80

You alone? $80

1:00 is nice for me.  To no later than 3:00.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays work best for me because I have exercise class Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  

See calendar below the form.

Fill out the form.  I'll get back to you!

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.