05. November 2018
Kale got to be a bit overdone there for awhile, but let's not throw it out as "yesterday's trend". Try incorporating it into just about any pasta dish for a splash of colour and a dash of nutrition!
06. October 2018
Lasagna is wonderful. The classic. It takes time. We tend to take so many shortcuts that we lose sight of the glory of the true recipe. Sometimes it's best to take the time! It's worth it!
24. September 2018
The world is changing and we have to change with it or be left on the shelf. To try cricket powder, you only have to be brave once. High diving board!
24. September 2018
Sous Vide sounds fancy, but actually, it is a wonderful secret for busy folks on the go. This is primarily because it is so forgiving. If you are an hour late, your roast beef will just be a bit more tender, and still at just your preferred degree of doneness!
09. August 2018
How to assemble the essential components of: .Base .Veggie/fruit .Protein .Topping .Bonus To create a nutritious, delicious, dinner salad!
04. July 2018
Whatever your family techniques and traditions, the main thing is that you eat corn until it’s coming out of your ears, because, as we well know, corn season won’t last! Fall is just around the corner! Seize these lovely days!
19. June 2018
This recipe - or collection of suggestions - hopefully will open your eyes to the many useful variations of the types of food we think of cooking in the Instant Pot.
12. June 2018
Serve these pickles as part of an appetizer spread with fresh tomatoes, olives, flatbread, and hummus or baba ghanoush. They’re also tasty alongside grilled meats. finecooking.com
06. June 2018
In Vietnam, pho is eaten morning, noon, and night. The flavorful broth is traditionally cooked for hours to achieve a full-bodied flavor, but with a pressure cooker, you can enjoy this rich and complex soup in a fraction of the time. epicurious.com
18. May 2018
Once you master the master recipe of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, you get experiment with fun variations like this bread containing Seedless Red Grapes, Brie and Rosemary!

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