01. February 2019
Reflections on how comfort foods hop borders and make themselves at home in our kitchens.
22. January 2019
Sometimes it's time for fast food, and sometimes it's time for cinnamon buns.

03. January 2019
Jambalaya AND a nice Sauerkraut Soup!
28. December 2018
What is better than a tender, perfectly cooked Prime rib?

22. December 2018
Make perfect gravy every time!
24. November 2018
Instant Pot mashed potatoes. A column about how to manage holiday stress.

05. November 2018
Kale got to be a bit overdone there for awhile, but let's not throw it out as "yesterday's trend". Try incorporating it into just about any pasta dish for a splash of colour and a dash of nutrition!
06. October 2018
Lasagna is wonderful. The classic. It takes time. We tend to take so many shortcuts that we lose sight of the glory of the true recipe. Sometimes it's best to take the time! It's worth it!

24. September 2018
The world is changing and we have to change with it or be left on the shelf. To try cricket powder, you only have to be brave once. High diving board!
24. September 2018
Sous Vide sounds fancy, but actually, it is a wonderful secret for busy folks on the go. This is primarily because it is so forgiving. If you are an hour late, your roast beef will just be a bit more tender, and still at just your preferred degree of doneness!

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