30. April 2020
I think we’ve all wondered how we’d cope if we had to self-quarantine for fourteen days. We don’t say “two-weeks” because that has the jaunty ring of holiday. We say “fourteen days” to emphasize the full weight of the thing. Actually, about half of the population, those who self-identify as introverted on the spectrum of such, secretly hope for “shelter in place” with the same glee that they look forward to being snowed in. A pot of tea, a stack of books, a lap full of cats...

30. April 2020
Soup and pizza and food bits management!
04. April 2020
When the going gets tough, isolated in a pandemic, the time comes for a chocolate chunk, bourbon, bacon cookie to brighten those dark corners!

19. February 2020
The movie won Best Picture and started a foodie crave!
05. February 2020
Get healthy! Try this recipe! I haven't. Actually.

15. January 2020
When stalled in the doldrums, it's time for soup!
03. January 2020
When the Christmas battle has been won and the Post-Christmas battle has yet to commence, time for Mac & Cheese!

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