English Breakfast Pizza

The "English Breakfast Pizza is just a variation on your basic pizza - great for brunch!

Set your oven as hot as you can.

Place your oven rack in the top third of the oven.

Use a pizza stone if you have one.  If you don't, buy the #bakingsteel.  They are great!  Or, of course, use a cookie sheet.

Always use parchment paper.  It just makes life ever so much easier!

Basic pizza dough recipe:

1 cup warm water

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp yeast

Enough 00 flour to form a loose dough

1 tsp salt

A drizzle of good olive oil


Place warm water and sugar in a bowl.  Add the yeast.  Stir.  Wait till it is bubbly.

Add 00 flour by the heaping tablespoon until a loose dough forms.

Add the salt and stir more.  (I just use a fork)

Cover for an hour or two or however long.  If you are making the dough the night before for a Breakfast Pizza, refrigerate the dough.  Bring to room temp in the morning before proceeding.

Shaping the dough:

This is a very loose dough, as you can see from the pictures.  It literally pours out of the bowl.  So have a good bit of flour for it to land on.  Sprinkle with more flour and pull and fold into flappy ball form.   Allow it to sit for 10 minutes or so while you fiddle with your toppings.

Roll out (or push with your well floured hands) to form a rough circle.  I over rolled a bit on this one.  If you leave more edge than I did, the eggs are less likely to flow off.  Depending on your time frame, allow it to sit for a few minutes...or not.

Time to start playing with toppings!

To make it an English Breakfast Pizza:

You can have a tomato sauce base.  (I don't because Victor doesn't like tomato sauce)

So I start with cheese.  I like a few sprinkles of hot pepper flakes to wake everyone up.

Mushrooms are nice. 

I happened to have a few cooked breakfast sausages around so I but them on.

Sliced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes.  (The secret for all pizzas is to keep the toppings dry.  Otherwise you will have a soggy pizza.  I lot tomatoes thoroughly with paper towels.)

The eggs will get away from you if you don't create little wells for them to sit in.  In this case, I created bacon walls.

Slide into a hot oven (550 degrees if you can swing it) for maybe 4 minutes.

Back out and add the eggs.  I sprinkle more cheese at this point.  This does make it harder to assess the doneness of the eggs, mind you.

Back in until the eggs are just set.

Out and serve!