Desserts · 11. June 2020
Dealing with leftover bits in the freezer - in this case that phyllo that is getting crumbly. Turns out, it's not just for Baklava!
Desserts · 08. June 2020
A side effect of the pandemic is the fascination with sourdough bread owing to an initial shortage of yeast. But when yeast came back, sourdough just stayed!

21. May 2020
The Pandemic plot curve and bourbon bacon cookies!
14. May 2020
Things are getting tight what with the pandemic and all. We need to channel our former student selves and remember how we coped without five fresh fruits and/or veggies every day.

Sides · 07. May 2020
Nigella Lawson has roasted potatoes down to an art. You really must try these when you feel like throwing a tantrum!

30. April 2020
I think we’ve all wondered how we’d cope if we had to self-quarantine for fourteen days. We don’t say “two-weeks” because that has the jaunty ring of holiday. We say “fourteen days” to emphasize the full weight of the thing. Actually, about half of the population, those who self-identify as introverted on the spectrum of such, secretly hope for “shelter in place” with the same glee that they look forward to being snowed in. A pot of tea, a stack of books, a lap full of cats...
30. April 2020
Soup and pizza and food bits management!

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