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11. January 2017
Olive cheese balls - or what to bring to a pot luck!
29. December 2016
A good resolution to start the new year, is to inspect the ingredients in your kitchen for freshness!

29. December 2016
Food magazines struggle to fine their target audience. This is an even greater problem as they try to reinvent the classic turkey dinner!
21. November 2016
This is a bit of a trick because it takes a lot of whisking and maneuvering, but it is really worth the fussing! I like to add raspberries to the whipped cream filling and for garnish.

21. November 2016
Thoughts about the many uses of parchment paper and a nice recipe for gougeres (small bites of cheesy creampuff)
21. November 2016
At our house, we refer to this dish as "Victoire" because it was the great favourite of my husband, Victor. It has been tweaked over the years to suit his taste.

21. November 2016
Bolognese Sauce, Canadian style. If every Italian can have their own version of Bolognese sauce, why can't we?
04. November 2016
The best laid plans for a smooth dinner party can run amok when last minute requests have to be accommodated!

04. October 2016
A stroll down memory land when Father always knew best, and Mother made casseroles...
22. August 2016
This is a post about how globalization takes the fun out of travel and other things.

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